Accidental Information


Say Hi to AJ
About the Project

Once in a while I get the opportunity to work on an awesome project, a project so awesome that I had to come up with a new word to describe it – AWESOMENIFICENT (yup, that just happened). This project was to create a logo for Accidental Information, the brainchild of my great friend Christopher Swan. I had creative freedom to do whatever I wanted while understanding who my client was and what his goals were for his new company.

After a few pages of sketches I started to randomly doodle. Hidden in the midst of all these random doodles was a roughly sketched head of a robot. This little robot doodle was the foundation of our wonderful friend AJ. Throughout the creative process AJ changed many forms, but never lost his charm and character.

An android once said that “All big things have small beginnings,” and we were very fortunate to be a part of AJ’s small beginnings.

AJ the Robot, Accidental Information title and slogan © 2013 Accidental Information